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Are you happy with your translations? Satisfied with your writing in English?

 Translating from Turkish to English is a very difficult skill requiring years of practice to attain mastery.  Furthermore, even the very best translators commit unavoidable errors because of the enormous differences between these two languages. We all know that “word for word” translation isn’t good enough, and rarely suits the purpose for which most customers are paying; having translations in clear, well-expressed, native English.

I know this because I have lived in Turkey for more than 9 years, working in a variety of settings as a proofreader and editor; from academia to translation bureaus, education, journalism and the corporate world.  I have known some very skilled translators, but I still have yet to see a perfect translation. There is little wonder at this fact: Becoming fully fluent in a foreign language is hard enough, not to mention translating between two such dissimilar languages as Turkish and English.

So, would you like your translations from Turkish to English to be perfect? To have that special, native speaker’s touch that you can send to the customer with confidence? Would you like to never again have to worry about using the wrong prepositions, misusing vocabulary and phrasal verbs? Getting slang and idioms just right?

It is time that you felt confident that your work has passed through the hands of a professional who knows how to turn out a product that you can be proud of. I am a native speaking American editor with 20 years of editing experience in literary, academic, advertising, technical and business fields and would be happy to work with you if you feel the need for that extra, special touch in your work. Give yourself the satisfaction and peace of mind of knowing that the English version of your website is clear and user-friendly. Submit your corporate and annual reports to foreign shareholders knowing that your work is of top quality. Rest assured that your academic thesis, advertising copy or foreign correspondence is something you can be proud of. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Areas of Expertise:

Marketing and Corporate Communications, Corporate Strategy and Consultation

Technical Manuals


Business Plans, Reports 

Film Subtitling

Advertising Copy

ATM English Versions 


Academic Theses

International Correspondence

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